18-19 March 2020
Europe/Paris timezone

Scientific Programme

  • Eye tracking, EEG, fNIRS, other measurement methods

  • Brain computer interfaces

  • Mental workload, Acute stress, Emotion, Fatigue

  • Simulation, virtual reality

  • Training

  • Multimodal interaction

  • Innovative warning systems, countermeasures

  • Ecological interface design, augmented reality

  • Intelligent assistants, virtual assistants

  • Sensors and adaptive systems

  • Single pilot operations

  • Remote control of automated vehicles

  • Unmanned vehicles

  • Man-machine cooperative techniques

  • Ethical aspects

  • Transparent AI, natural human-machine interaction

  • Mixed-initiative planning

  • Model-based architecture design, task scheduling

  • Safety analysis

  • Fault tolerant distributed algorithms

  • Other

  • Eye tracking, EEG, fNIRS, Other measurement methods, Brain computer interfaces

  • Intelligent assistants, Virtual assistants, Simulation, Virtual reality

  • Model-based architecture design, Task scheduling, Safety analysis, Other

  • Transparent AI, Natural human-machine interaction, Mixed-initiative planning

  • Transparent AI, Natural human-machine interaction, Innovative warning systems, Countermeasures, Mixed-initiative planning

  • Single pilot operations, Remote control of automated vehicles, Unmanned vehicles

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